Geek Squad - Make the most of your Max Mobile cover
Dear Customer
Make the most of your Max Mobile cover
Geek Squad have been looking after your mobile for over
a year now. So we thought it was a good time to remind
you about everything Max Mobile gives you.
Firstly, we're always here to offer any technical support you might need, 24/7. Whether you're struggling to sync, transfer data, or just want to get the best from your Smartphone apps, we can help. In fact, whenever you've got a query or need a troubleshooter, there's a Geek Squad Agent for the job.
Then, of course, your Max Mobile insurance is still in force - giving you first-class cover. You're protected against theft, accidental damage, loss*, breakdown and unauthorised use in the UK or abroad. You've even got cover for any mobile phone accessories you've bought from Carphone Warehouse^.
Thanks for choosing Max Mobile cover. Just give us a call if you've got any questions.
Geek Squad
Call 0800 458 6117
Pop in-store
mobile phones
* Pay as you go customers are not covered for loss
^ Pay monthly customers are covered up to £300 and Pay as you go customers are covered up to £50